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COD students have been particularly hard hit by the recent worsening economic conditions. Even before the pandemic, over 60% of COD students sought financial assistance to complete their postsecondary educational programs. Now, as students struggle not only with tuition, books, and fees, but with basic necessities, such as rent, food, transportation, and childcare, COD Foundation scholarships are more important than ever!  

General Scholarship Fund

Not sure where you would like to make a difference?  The COD Foundation General Scholarship Fund supports student emergencies, specific COD Foundation scholarships, such as those for textbooks, returning adults, single parents, achievers, freshmen, and students meeting certain need-based criteria, as well as some programmatic scholarships through the Resource for Excellence grant program.  A donation of any amount to this fund ensures that you will be a part of the student success stories at COD!

COD Succeeds Scholarships

The COD Succeeds Scholarship provides support to students who may not otherwise qualify for other financial assistance awards. Priority is given to first generation, minority, and veteran students, and awards are made through an application process emphasizing need.  The COD Succeeds scholarships have become a helping hand to enable struggling students to overcome financial barriers, focus on academic success and become productive members of their communities.

Endowed Scholarships

An Endowed Scholarship via the College of DuPage Foundation is a wonderful way to commemorate a loved one, support a particular program or field of study, or engage your business in career training.  Endowed scholarships require a significant investment, but provide scholarship assistance to students in perpetuity, allowing your legacy of support to live on for generations to come. And as an endowed scholarship donor, you set the criteria for the scholarship award, and can enjoy meeting or learning about the recipients each time the scholarship is awarded.

Annual Scholarships

Want to make a difference with a smaller investment?  Annual scholarships provide support on a one-time or multi-year basis, depending on the donor’s wishes and the renewal of the annual donation. As the donor, you set the criteria for the scholarship and again enjoy the privilege of meeting or learning about the recipient each time the scholarship is awarded.  Annual scholarships provide the perfect vehicle for honoring someone special or contributing an academic or career prep program.


To apply for a scholarship, and to view all scholarship opportunities, visit the College of DuPage Scholarship information page for students.

To donate or create a scholarship please connect with the College of DuPage Foundation at or by calling 630.942.3088.

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We count on your support for student scholarships, expansion and enrichment of programs, and other education essentials.