College of DuPage Foundation

Become part of a Lasting Institution

The dreams and aspirations of our students come in all shapes and sizes – large, small, and those that have yet to be imagined or explored. College of DuPage offers the variety of programming and depth of expertise to support them all!

Founded in 1967, College of DuPage Foundation serves the College of DuPage by supporting educational innovations in programming and student support services, providing scholarships and awards to students, and giving recognition to both faculty and graduates of the institution. Philanthropic support, along with community and business partnerships, ensure that this mission is fulfilled, and that our students are able to make their dreams come true!

Critical Mission, Strong Values


The mission of the College of DuPage Foundation is to obtain and steward contributions to expand educational and cultural opportunities for the College of DuPage Community.

To possess a culture of engagement and intentional giving aligned with the strategy and efforts key to College of DuPage’s success as a national model for Community College foundation effectiveness.




We expect the highest standard of moral character and ethical behavior.


We expect truthfulness and trustworthiness.


We expect courtesy and dignity in all interpersonal interactions.


We expect fulfillment of obligations and accountability.


We expect that everyone in our college community has an equal opportunity to pursue their academic, personal, and professional goals.

We count on your support for student scholarships, expansion and enrichment of programs, and other education essentials.