Resource for Excellence Grants

The following projects were selected by the Resource for Excellence Committee for funding for the FY14 year.

Total Resource for Excellence Grant funding awarded: $126,893.

The Living Laboratory

Business and Technology

Funds used to help develop an innovative and emerging degree in energy management and building automation.

Biomedical Student Research Partnership Project

Health & Sciences, Biology


Funds used to launch project supporting a student research partnership with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in the biomedical and biomedical engineering fields.

Study Abroad Scholarships—The Global Classroom

Academic Affairs

Funds used to award two to four scholarships totaling $4,000 from the general pool, and three scholarships totaling up to $4,000 each for COD Summary Language Immersion.

MPTV Green Screen

Liberal Arts, Motion Picture Television

Funds used to provide a permanent green screen in a corner of the COD TV student, which provides access for all MPTV degree areas and Gaming programs, to a system capable of facilitating shoots with multiple actors/actresses.

New Student Enrollment Seminars

Student Affairs, Enrollment Services

Funds used to launch new program providing new applicants with a detailed communications sequence, through multiple media, including personal contacts, to prepare them for the enrollment phase, following admission, into the College of DuPage.

Project Access

Continuing Education

Funds used to provide tuition assistance for military veterans to enhance their career opportunities through noncredit Continuing Education professional programs in workforce development.

IDEA Center

Faculty and Staff Support

Funds used to assist with the launch of and support of an intellectual and creative space for faculty, staff, and administrators to collaborate on strategies or projects that will benefit the students and community served by the College.

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